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Date: Thu Sep 29 2016 - 23:58:48

Greetings and welcome!

To gain the best experience from you do need to be a registered user. Please feel free to register a new account and become part of the community. If you need any help or assistance on the FatDog FAQ is the best place to begin.

• FatDog Chat is an Internet Chat (IRC) network. New users should also create and register a new account in order to login to our IRC network to chat with other users, and use the Forum, where you will find help & advice, service announcements, development & production updates, and many other topics providing extra interactivity, information, and fun. If you're new to, please take time to read our Terms & Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.

• FatDog Minecraft

Users can also login and play on the FatDog Minecraft servers. FatDog Minecraft runs the latest official Minecraft™ releases on private dedicated Slackware® Linux servers, offering you a world of your own creation, to make it your own, with the freedom and ability to do as you please.

FatDog Minecraft server:      Port: 25565

Play FatDog Minecraft

• Slackware ARM on a Rasberry Pi - SARPi

For those interested in running Slackware Linux and have a Raspberry Pi, there's a dedicated step-by-step (HOW TO) guide available for setup and installation. You can read it here: SARPi. You can also visit our Slackware ARM on a Raspberry Pi forum to ask questions and find answers, offer your own help and advice, or just out of general interest.

• Slackware Linux Wallpaper

Download a FREE Slackware Linux wallpaper. It's called Slacksplash and was created using a free wallpaper, and a 3-D Slackware logo, both downloaded from Google. It's simple and effective yet quite eyecatching, and of course totally cool!
FatDog LOVES Slackware!


Slacksplash wallpaper is available in the following resolutions:

• FatDog

Here is a pic of our beloved mascot, Fatdog. Isn't he just cute? Handsome too!
FatDog Keep the dog ALIVE!!! W00f W00f W00f!